API Wizard
The Oracle and Oracle EBS Productivity Platform

Make Oracle E-Business Suite Easy!

Harness the power and familiarity of Microsoft Excel to eliminate data headaches and dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of your data entry, data updating, and reporting.

API Wizard and Excel save time and money by significantly reducing the manual work involved in both day-to-day business processing and mass data loads and changes.

If you use Oracle EBS, you should use API Wizard.  We make Oracle easy!

See API Wizard in action!

The following is an example one of thousands of processes you can perform in API Wizard.

API Wizard Example: Fixed Asset Adjustments

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Solving the Oracle inefficiency challenge

API Wizard solves the Oracle inefficiency challenge once and for all by providing a better, more accurate, and more powerful way to create, update, and report on Oracle data using Excel as the user interface.

Our customers use API Wizard to improve processes across Oracle, including day-to-day tasks, periodic tasks, and special projects.  API Wizard allows you to create, update, or report on transactional, master, and setup data.

API Wizard is the only tool in the market combining data entry and reporting using Microsoft Excel.

See an API Wizard demo to see how it can help save you and your company time and money while improving your overall experience with Oracle.

API Wizard makes Oracle easy!

A partial list of ways you can use API Wizard:
  • Receipt (cash) application
  • Creit/Debit Memos
  • Disputes
  • Applying/releiving holds
  • Supplier entry and updates
  • Supplier site entry and updates
  • Customer entry and updates
  • Customer address entry/updates
  • Bank entry/updates
  • Bank Statements
  • Payment batches
  • OM Orders
  • OM Quotes
  • OM Returns
  • Purchase Orders
  • Blanket POs
  • Receipts
  • Requisitions
  • Inventory item maintenance
  • Material Transactions
  • Replenishments
  • Physical inventory updates
  • Payroll
  • Project Transactions
  • Project Budgets
  • Time and expense
  • IB Transactions
  • Contracts
  • Sales leads
  • Sales reps
  • Commission (comp) plans
  • Comp Rate tables
  • Comp formulas
  • Comp expressions
  • Comp adjustments
  • Comp manual orders
  • Journal Entries
  • GL Accounts
  • User management
  • Value set values
  • GL Accounts
  • User management
  • Value set values
  • Journal Entries
  • Project Entry
  • Project Maintenance
  • HR Applicants
  • HR People
  • HR Employees
  • HR Assignments
  • Organizations
  • Business units
  • Legal entities
  • Operating units
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Comp workbench
  • Assets - creation/changes
  • Asset Retirements
  • Asset Transfers
  • Master lease agreements
  • Vendor lease agreements
  • Lease contracts
  • Lease maintenance
  • Collections
  • Credit Requests
  • Trading community
  • BOMs
  • BOM security rules
  • BOM Imploder/Exlpoder
  • Item Costs
  • Manufacturing routing
  • Service charges
  • Service Contracts
  • Warehouse mgmt
  • Catalogs
  • On-hand inventory balance
  • Pick release / wave
  • Transfer reservations
  • Inventory lots
  • Item categories
  • Item Types
  • Territories

This is just a small sample of what API Wizard can do.  With 2500+ APIs in R12, plus the ability to work with your internal APIs, it's virtually unlimited.  Whatever your requirement, you can solve it with API Wizard -- in minutes and without programming!

API Wizard is the only product of its class, unifying data entry, data updating, and reporting efficiency in a single enterprise application.

    API Wizard Data Entry and Updating

    Oracle forms are too slow and cumbersome, forcing you to tab through fields you don't use or navigate through menus and sub-menus.  Entering even a small amount of data can be time-consuming and tedious. 

    With API Wizard, you can perform the same exact process in Excel in a fraction of the time it currently takes, with the ability to easily process many records at a time in an environment that is streamlined for how you use Oracle. 
    API Wizard works in every Oracle EBS module and with nearly any Oracle EBS process.

    Learn more about data entry and updating

    API Wizard Reporting

    API Wizard allows you to report on 'live' data in Excel.  This is not an extract of data from Oracle which becomes static once it's in Excel, this is live, dynamic reporting which can be used across the EBS!  You can drilldown between reports, use reports to drive pivot tables, graphs, and complex analysis.  When you want to refresh your data, it just takes a click of the mouse.  It's a powerful and sophisticated reporting environment for Oracle.  API Wizard's reporting is also completely integrated with the data entry and updating functionality and can be used to extract data before updating and loading back into Oracle.

    Learn more about API Wizard reporting

    API Wizard Integrated Development Environment

    API Wizard provides a next-generation Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which allows IT to configure, rather than code, and build Excel based productivity solutions (for data entry, updating, and reporting) in minutes.  API Wizard dynamically works with Oracle's public APIs, open interfaces, as well as your custom or third-party APIs.  Work that would take days and require a formal SDLC process can be performed through a GUI configuration in minutes.  It helps IT get their work done faster and provide better, more economical, and more robust solutions.

    Learn more about using API Wizard as an IDE

    Why API Wizard?

    API Wizard is the only product that solves data entry, data updating, and reporting problems across the entire Oracle EBS, every module and business process, in one enterprise tool.  It combines the best of Oracle and Excel to save significant hours for your people and to help them make faster, well-informed decisions.

    Before they learned about and embraced API Wizard, our customers, like most Oracle shops, cobbled together a patchwork of different approaches to try and manage data processing pain.  After working with API Wizard, they’ve found it to be the solution that addresses all their needs, leading to standardization and simplification.

    Take a look at API Wizard and you’ll see how it can save time and effort for your people.  It’s the fastest and easiest way to get your data in and out of Oracle.

    Learn more:

    API Wizard has so much functionality, the best way to learn about how API Wizard can help your organization is to schedule a demo. An API Wizard demo takes about 40 minutes plus time for your questions.  See for yourself why our customers wouldn't think of going back to the old, tedious ways of working with Oracle.  Schedule a demo!