API Wizard
The Oracle and Oracle EBS Productivity Platform

An Integrated Development Environment for Oracle / Excel
Design, Configure, Provision, and Deploy in minutes - no programming, no hassles

The API Wizard Productivity Platform for Oracle benefits IT
API Wizard was designed to provide significant benefits to IT.  While users get simple and efficient data entry, data updating, and reporting, IT gets the system that allows them to quickly and securely configure and provision great productivity solutions.  API Wizard is an enterprise-class product which leverages Oracle's key constructs (public APIs, open interfaces, security), so it's consistent with Oracle licensing and support.  API Wizard is the comprehensive Oracle productivity tool that provides platform benefits:
  • Powerful integrated development environment across the Oracle EBS
  • Consistently terrific Excel-based user solutions
  • Central administration for easy support
Integrated Development Environment:

Part of what makes API Wizard special is how incredibly easy it is to configure, deploy and administer Excel-based data processing solutions to tackle any Oracle data processing problems.  Breathing life into robust Oracle business process improvements with API Wizard takes a fraction of the time it would with other approaches.

API Wizard works through Oracle APIs and open interfaces, Oracle’s preferred and recommended mechanisms for creating transactions outside of standard forms.  That’s why API Wizard is fully consistent with Oracle licensing and support and why it works across your organization's entire Oracle footprint.  API Wizard’s integrated development environment provides the low to no programming way to utilize the data processing and security architecture Oracle has already provided.  

The API Wizard software is intelligent and totally dynamic.  It was built to be immune to the typical pain points of Oracle, such as many different versions and the tedious patching process.  API Wizard does not have a hard-coded list of APIs that it can work with; it has the dynamic ability to work with any Oracle public API or interface on any version of Oracle, making it version independent and immune from patching.

In addition to working with public Oracle APIs, API Wizard also works with any custom pl/sql.  This means API Wizard can rapidly put an Excel interface on any custom program that your organization or consultants create.  Our customers use API Wizard’s custom pl/sql capability to make their customizations easier to use, to shift tasks amongst resources, and to standardize and simplify data processing maintenance and administration.

API Wizard provides a GUI-driven point and click process for one-time setups of Excel loader templates and reports.  This makes it very easy to set up secure and supported data processing solutions that precisely fit business needs and streamline any Oracle process.  API Wizard templates are a breeze to modify if the underlying business requirements change.

The same, consistent point and click processes set up API Wizard Excel loader templates and reports for any tasks across your organization’s Oracle EBS footprint.  That means your people leverage API Wizard knowledge and techniques from one use to the next.

Looks like Excel but it's an Oracle solution

API Wizard rapidly produces consistently terrific Excel-based user solutions that solve just about any Oracle data creation, data updating, and reporting problem.  Users get the ease of Excel as a user-interface but, behind the scenes, API Wizard is the robust platform built for Oracle and Oracle EBS.  Everything that happens in Excel is carefully validated and controlled from within Oracle.  API Wizard even has audit capabilities which meet the most stringent GRC requirements.

Our customers find that once their business processes and reports are set up for users and locked down in API Wizard, their IT Team doesn't spend much time, if any, thinking about them or fussing with them.  It’s that easy.

Central administration and easy support

All API Wizard Excel loader templates and reports snap into our framework for easy centralized management, security and administration.

API Wizard eliminates most of the technical leg-work involved in administering and supporting Oracle business process improvements and reports.  API Wizard’s architecture means it solutions are largely immune to system patching and upgrading.  It also makes it easy to centrally control and administer them.