API Wizard
The Oracle and Oracle EBS Productivity Platform
 API Wizard is the Strategic Choice

Your organization needs to streamline a particular Oracle business process.

You can build a custom solution but those can be time-consuming and somewhat inflexible. Perhaps you’ve identified a product which could help with this need but the fit may not be exactly right and/or it doesn’t help in other areas.

You want to find a better, more strategic solution.


API Wizard solves the immediate business need while providing the platform for solving just about any other Oracle data processing requirement.

API Wizard solves both today’s and tomorrow’s data processing problems.  It saves time and improves decision making for many different people across the organization.


No more one-offs

Stop cobbling together a patchwork of approaches to manage the various Oracle data processing problems your people face.

Use API Wizard to rapidly tackle all Oracle data creation, data updating, and reporting tasks. It’s the tightly integrated Oracle/Excel productivity platform that benefits business users, the IT Team, and Management.

Works in every Oracle module

Tap the power of Excel to speed up data processing in every Oracle EBS module. With API Wizard, users do their Oracle work in fast, familiar Excel. API Wizard puts incredible functionality and features in users hands while IT retains all control.

  • Want to rapidly create or update invoices, customers, vendors, inventory items, BOMs, sales reps, employees, value sets, organizations, price lists, addresses, bank info, or service contracts?
  • Want to pull data from multiple tables and reports to quickly get the information you need, or instantly refresh pivot tables and other Excel presentations of Oracle data? Want to quickly drill from one Oracle report to another in Excel?
Do all of this and much more with API Wizard, all in a fraction of the time and effort it takes with current Oracle EBS data processing options.

Incredibly flexible

There are many ways to approach Oracle data processing tasks with API Wizard.  Pick what best fits the business requirements, company policy, and the people who do the work.

Many Oracle shops have data work that’s done by IT because it’s too hard for business users.  Sometimes our customers choose to lock down these transactions in API Wizard Excel and safely push them back out to the user community. Nothing else offers this degree of process flexibility.


Works through Oracle APIs and open interfaces

API Wizard provides an easy, low to no programming way to utilize Oracle’s vast public API architecture. This makes API Wizard an incredibly versatile tool that works in every Oracle module. It’s why the same API Wizard works in Oracle EBS R11 and R12 and is largely immune to system patching.

Works with any pl/sql

API Wizard rapidly puts an Excel front end on any custom pl/sql programs, too. Our customers use API Wizard to make their customizations easier to use, to shift who does the job, and to standardize and simplify maintenance and administration.  Using API Wizard’s custom program capability can open the door to truly powerful Oracle process efficiencies.

100% Consistent with Oracle Support

API Wizard works through Oracle APIs and interfaces - Oracle's recommended methods for creating transactions outside of standard forms - so it's fully consistent with Oracle Support and your Oracle license.  Oracle architecture handles your organization's sensitive business data.  We've got customers hosted by Oracle On-Demand.

Respects Oracle security

API Wizard users log in with their Oracle EBS credentials. Users can only run API Wizard Excel loader templates and reports if they have authorization. They can only see and manipulate data that their Oracle responsibility allows.





API Wizard solves the immediate business need while providing the platform for solving just about any other Oracle data processing requirement