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 About API Wizard

Streamlining Oracle and Oracle EBS Business Processing

Our entire focus is on helping organizations spend less time on data entry and maintenance while improving data quality, get quicker and better insight via a powerful reporting engine, and reduce both the need for, and cost of, custom development. 

By providing a powerful productivity platform which uses Microsoft Excel as the user interface combined with a robust, enterprise-class Oracle backend, API Wizard gives organizations the tools they need to significantly improve business processing in Oracle.  API Wizard provides a single, consolidated solution which works across every single Oracle EBS module and can be used to get data into or out of Oracle. 

Why API Wizard was built

Before API Wizard, the founding members worked as consultants in the Oracle EBS market and consistently saw the same problems and challenges at every Oracle EBS customer: data entry was too slow and tedious, reporting was too cumbersome and difficult, third-party solutions were weak and incomplete, and projects to streamline data processing were expensive and complex.  

When Oracle first released a suite of APIs and announced a strategic initiative to release more with each successive Oracle version, it was welcome news to many EBS customers.  Unfortunately, Oracle failed to provide a way to work with them outside of custom programming.  The founding team recognized that providing a way for organizations to easily work with Oracle's public APIs would add tremendous value - and API Wizard was born.  The ability to work easily with any API without coding was woven into a full productivity platform which added robust engines for data quality, data extraction and reporting, and development.  Microsoft Excel was chosen for the user interface because of its simplicity, ubiquitousness, and the ease of processing multiple transactions quickly in a row and column approach.  Today's version of API Wizard is by far the most powerful, sophisticated, and complete productivity tool for Oracle and Oracle EBS. 

API Wizard Core Values

* Superior customer service

* Integrity and honesty
* Quality
* Innovate
* Responsiveness
* Exceed expectations
* Respect
* Collaborate

API Wizard Company Facts

API Wizard is headquartered in Stamford, CT, USA (contact us) and was founded in 2010.  API Wizard's US team members are located in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and California (meet our management team).  API Wizard also has team members in Europe and Asia Pacific.  

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