API Wizard
The Oracle and Oracle EBS Productivity Platform
Faster, Easier, and More Accurate Oracle Data Entry
API Wizard turns Excel into the ultimate user interface for all of your Oracle work!

A better way to perform Oracle EBS data entry and updates!

With API Wizard, you can perform data entry and data maintenance (including mass updates) in a fraction of the time it currently takes using Oracle's forms.

Faster - Data entry and maintenance in API Wizard is faster and easier because Excel's row and column approach makes it easy to enter multiple records in one shot, rather than having to tediously process one record at a time like in Oracle.  Additionally, all data can be entered in a single worksheet, avoiding all of the tabs, sub-menus, and forms required to enter a single transaction in Oracle.  It's no secret that the R12 html forms have made data entry even more tedious than it had been.

Easier - Options to easily download data from Oracle into Excel (very helpful when updating data), dynamic LOVs (list of values), the ability to embed rules, hints, and instructions, and a standard look and feel across every Oracle module makes API Wizard incredibly easy to use.  API Wizard users span the entire corporation from data entry clerks to senior managers and everyone in-between.

More Accurate - API Wizard's innovative pre-validation and data-quality capabilities ensure that your data is MORE accurate than if you entered it through the Oracle forms.  An easy, no-programming method to add checks and constraints allows you to enforce any and all business rules.

Works in EVERY Oracle module, any business process

Financials, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Procure-to-Pay, Oracle Management, Human Capital Managment, CRM, Enterprise Assets, Pricing, and more!  Nearly anything you can do in Oracle EBS forms, you can do faster and easier and easier in Excel using API Wizard.  API Wizard has the ability to natively work with thousands of Oracle EBS business processes as well as custom business processes and third-party extensions to Oracle.  It's the tool that can do it all.  Even if you have a obscure requirement, it's highly likely that API Wizard can do it!

API Wizard is perfect for:

Day to day business processing

Whether your processing a single record, a dozen records, or more - it's always faster, easier, and more accurate to enter your data in API Wizard than in Oracle forms.  With API Wizard, you really never need to go into the Oracle forms again.  It's that good.

Mass update projects

When you have a need to update lots of records, there is no better way than API Wizard.  It makes mass updates a breeze, whether it's thousands, hundreds of thousands, or more records that you need to update.  API Wizard's high-performance engine makes mass data updates happen fast and efficiently.

Data conversions, upgrades, and projects

API Wizard's ability to work with any Oracle business process and it's high-performance engine make it the perfect tool for conversion projects and any other type of project where data must be loaded or updated in Oracle.  Top consulting companies, including KPMG and Accenture, use API Wizard on their consulting projects!

How API Wizard is used by our customers:

The following graphic provides an overview of how our customers use API Wizard.  Keep in mind that there are thousands of processes that API Wizard works with, considerably more than the sample processes listed below.

Follows Oracle EBS Security rules

You log into API Wizard with your Oracle EBS credentials and everything that you can do in API Wizard is tied to your Oracle Responsibilities.  API Wizard supports all of Oracle's security rules and even allows for more granular control if desired.

API Wizard will result in a material time and cost savings

Faster, easier, and more accurate data entry means less resource-hours spent working in Oracle and less data entry errors which cause downstream issues.  It's a product that pays for itself quickly and returns consistent dividends year after year.

See a demo or try API Wizard in the Amazon cloud

We will show you how API Wizard can solve any Oracle EBS challenge.  Try for yourself in your environment or in our Amazon cloud test environments.

Watch a video below to see how easy it is to use API Wizard to get your Oracle EBS work done in a flash.  There are literally thousands of business processes you can perform in API Wizard.  We don't have a video for all of them - but we can show you whatever you want to see in a demo!

Sample 1 - Item Maintenance

Sample 2 - Suppliers and Suppliers Sites

Sample 3 - BOMs

Sample 4 - Enable/Disable GL Code Combos

Sample 5 - Fixed Asset Adjustments
A partial list of Oracle EBS processes you can perform in API Wizard

API Wizard works in every Oracle module and for any nearly every business process.  Plus it has the ability to work dynamically with your custom business processes and even third-party applications.  It's the one tool that solves all of your Oracle processing needs.  The following is a partial list of processes which you can perform in API Wizard:
  • Receipt (cash) application
  • Creit/Debit Memos
  • Disputes
  • Applying/releiving holds
  • Supplier entry and updates
  • Supplier site entry and updates
  • Customer entry and updates
  • Customer address entry/updates
  • Bank entry/updates
  • Bank Statements
  • Payment batches
  • OM Orders
  • OM Quotes
  • OM Returns
  • Purchase Orders
  • Blanket POs
  • Receipts
  • Requisitions
  • Inventory item maintenance
  • Material Transactions
  • Replenishments
  • Physical inventory updates
  • Payroll
  • Project Transactions
  • Project Budgets
  • Time and expense
  • IB Transactions
  • Salesreps
  • Comp expressions
  • Commission (comp) plans
  • Comp Rate tables
  • Comp formulas
  • Comp expressions
  • Comp adjustments
  • Comp manual orders
  • Journal Entries
  • GL Accounts
  • User management
  • Value set values
  • GL Accounts
  • User management
  • Value set values
  • Journal Entries
  • Project Entry
  • Project Maintenance
  • HR Applicants
  • HR People
  • HR Employees
  • HR Assignments
  • Organizations
  • Business units
  • Legal entities
  • Operating units
  • Marketing campaign
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Comp workbench
  • Assets - creation/changes
  • Asset Retirements
  • Asset Transfers
  • Master lease agreements
  • Vendor lease agreements
  • Lease contracts
  • Lease maintenance
  • Collections
  • Credit Requests
  • Trading community
  • BOMs
  • BOM security rules
  • BOM Imploder/Exlpoder
  • Item Costs
  • Manufacturing routing
  • Service charges
  • Service Contracts
  • Warehouse mgmt
  • Catalogs
  • On-hand inventory balance
  • Pick release / wave
  • Transfer reservations
  • Inventory lots
  • Item categories
  • Item Types
  • Territories