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4/30/17 - API Wizard gives 4 presentations and exhibits at OAUG Collaborate 17

API Wizard gave 4 presentations at OAUG Collaborate, including a deep dive into Procure-to-Pay APIs, an overview of working effectively with public APIs, our experience as the first Oracle Partner to run EBS on Oracle Compute Cloud (Iaas), and an overview of the API Wizard software.  Additionally, we had a booth in the exhibit hall and spoke to many existing customers, who shared success stories with us, as well as good conversations with many prospective customers.  API Wizard is committed to supporting the OAUG and will present and exhibit in 2018, in addition to attending many regional OAUG events throughout the remainder of this year.

1/15/17 - API Wizard customers close their year in record time

Organizations around the glove have leveraged API Wizard to help in their year-end close.  Common processes have included clearing out inventory transactions, physical inventory counts, AR invoice writeoffs, mass updates to projects and tasks, loading budgets, top-side journal entries, and many others!  The net result is that companies that use API Wizard have closed their books faster and more easily then was ever before possible. 

10/12/16 - API Wizard does extensive work in EAM suite

API Wizard has built solutions in the EAM space which includes PM Schedules, Asset Routing and BOMs, Asset Activity numbers and more.  EAM-centric customers are increasingly moving to API Wizard to help manage this labor-intensive module.

8/15/16 - API Wizard is First Oracle Partner to run EBS on Oracle Compute Cloud

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, is the first Oracle partner to run EBS on Oracle's Compute Cloud.  Leveraging the value of cloud computing has become a high priority for many organizations but until recently, there hasn't been a good solution for EBS customers.  Oracle's On-Demand is widely considered too restrictive, third-party hosting doesn't truly provide the benefits of Cloud, and Oracle's Cloud ERP application is geared mainly at mid-market organizations or departments within larger organizations.  With EBS on Cloud Compute, organizations can run full-scale Oracle EBS in the Cloud.  API Wizard, due to our strong relationship with Oracle, was selected to be part of the early adopter program for this service.  We have had an excellent experience with our EBS Cloud environments.

6/18/16 - API Wizard webinar series on replacing Oracle Discoverer generates buzz

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, held a series of webinars on how API Wizard can replace Oracle Discoverer.  As Oracle sunsets Discoverer, customers are left scrambling for an effective replacement.  API Wizard can not only perform all of the reporting that users liked in Discoverer, it provides several major benefits as well, including being native to Excel (no more exporting), and having more sophisticated functionality such as drilldowns, report formulas, dynamic report generation, and integration with Excel's pivot tables, graphing, and charting.

4/15/16 - API Wizard Showcases Capabilities at OAUG Collaborate

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, presented three powerful and heavily attended sessions at OAUG Collaborate.  After our sessions and at various times throughout the conference, we met with customers at our booth in the exhibit hall to talk about how to best leverage Oracle's various integration points within API Wizard.  Of particular interest were discussions of new APIs available for release 12.2.x.  

1/17/16 - 10,000,000 records in Chinese

API Wizard has hit a neat milestone - we've recorded our 10,000,000th record loaded in the Chinese language.  API Wizard is used in countries around the world and is used in every major language.   In API Wizard, you can work with any language supported by Oracle. 

12/11/15 - Latest webinar series showcases API Wizard's versatility

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, held a series of well-attended webinars over the past three weeks focusing on API Wizard's utility in many different functional areas of Oracle EBS with specific sessions focused on Inventory, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Time and Labor, Fixed Assets, Enterprise Assets, Order Management, and Pricing.  The next set of webinars are tentatively scheduled for March, 2016.

11/10/15 - API Wizard adds support for Excel 2016

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, has added support for Excel 2016.  You can now use API Wizard with Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  

11/1/15 - API Wizard on Top at Oracle Open World

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, recorded a record number of visitors to our booth at Oracle Open World last week.  EBS users and IT folks spoke to us about their myriad of pain points in Oracle and shared their enthusiasm for how those pain points could be eliminated with API Wizard.  We also had the opportunity to speak with many current customers!  

10/8/15 - Corie Winter joins API Wizard management team as Director, Strategic Partnerships

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, is pleased to announce Corie Winter as the new Director of Strategic Parternships.

"Corie brings over 15 years experience in the Oracle EBS market and has the distinct benefit of starting out as a user in the Order Management module, so she knows first-hand how tedious working through the Oracle forms can be," says Rob Lepanto, Director of Oracle Solutions at API Wizard.  "With a background that also includes many years at an Oracle EBS consulting firm, Corie is perfectly positioned to help grow API Wizard's partner channel."

"API Wizard's model is really incredible.  Anyone with exposure to EBS knows that there are users out there spending hour upon hour laboring in Oracle's poorly designed user interface," says Corie.  "The inefficiency is astounding.  With API Wizard, the same work is done with considerably less effort, saving time for the users and reducing cost for the organization.  For partners, API Wizard provides the first real opportunity to significantly reduce the time and cost associated with data migration projects, a savings that helps them win more Oracle work and provide more value to their customers.  I couldn't be more excited to help API Wizard extend the reach of its partner channel."

As Director of Stategic Partnerships, Corie will be responsible for engaging Oracle EBS consultancies and educating them on how they can provide more value to their customers using the API Wizard platform.  Additionally, she'll be working with third-party software developers who leverage API Wizard as the technology that they build their products upon.

Before joining API Wizard, Corie was a partner at AppCentric, LLC, an Oracle EBS consulting firm based out of New York City where she served the dual role of engagement manager and sales support.  In this role for over a decade, Corie has been involved in numerous Oracle EBS implementations, conversions, and data migration projects.  Corie also previously worked at Konica Minolta, where part of her duties involved working hands-on with the EBS Order Management module.

About API Wizard
API Wizard, headquartered in Stamford, CT, provides the only enterprise productivity solution for Oracle EBS which allows Microsoft Excel to serve as the user interface for Oracle EBS data entry, maintenance, reporting, and development.  API Wizard helps organizations reduce their Oracle data processing costs, saving thousands of hours each year for both business users and IT.

9/30/15 - Reporting Enhancement Released

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, has released a new version of its client which significantly improves report performance for reporting on large datasets (100,000 records or more).  With this enhancement, API Wizard is the fastest reporting solution in the Oracle EBS market.

8/1/15 - API Wizard launches Asia Pacific Support

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, has expanded its support team to include the Asia Pacific region.  This expansion supports API Wizard's growth in that important market. API Wizard, headquartered in the United States, now has support resources in North America, Europe, and Asia Pac.  

6/10/15 - A single API Wizard client now supports 32-bit and 64-bit Excel

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, has released a single Oracle client which works with both 32-bit and 64-bit Excel.  Previously, a separate client was needed for 32 or 64 bit.  By moving to a single client for both versions, it's easier than ever to roll API Wizard out to a large user group running desperate versions of Excel. 

5/15/15 - API Wizard reaches 10,000,000,000 milestone

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, has reached an impressive milestone - over 10 billion Oracle EBS records have been created, updated, and reported on using API Wizard.  API Wizard is used for both day-to-day business processing as well as data conversions and mass data updates.  As API Wizard becomes the de-facto standard for Oracle EBS data processing efficiency, the 100 billion mark won't be far away.

4/17/15 - API Wizard 'Excels' at OAUG conference in Las Vegas

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, had an excellent showing at the OAUG Collaborate conference.  The API Wizard booth was heavily trafficked and there were over 150 people who attended the Vendor Awareness session and Mini-Theater presentation.  Many existing customers stopped by the booth to say hello and many prospective customers discussed their numerous Oracle pain points.  

4/10/15 - API Wizard to exhibit at OAUG Collaborate in Las Vegas 4/12 - 4/16

API Wizard, an Oracle Gold Partner and OAUG Star Partner will be exhibiting at the OAUG Collaborate conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, between 4/12 and 4/16.  API Wizard will have a booth where our team will explain and demonstrate the many benefits of API Wizard.  Additionally, API Wizard will be hosting two sessions, a Vendor Awareness session on 4/14/15 and a mini-theatre presentation on 4/15/15.  Please stop by our booth or attend one of our presentations to learn how API Wizard can help  your organization solve it's Oracle data processing pain.

3/15/15 - API Wizard launches enhanced Data Quality engine

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, released a new data validation engine allowing its customers to greatly optimize data entry and maintenance while also improving data quality.  A robust set of pre-validations and data quality rules can be added to any API Wizard process make it more robust.  Please contact your account manager for details and to schedule a training or overview session.

2/2/15 - Sarah Conzemius joins API Wizard as Vice President of Business Development

API Wizard, the leader in Oracle EBS productivity, is pleased to announce Sarah Conzemius as the new Vice President of Business Development. 

"Sarah brings over 20 years of successful and highly relevant business experience in the Oracle EBS market," says Richard Volpitta, Vice President Customer Experience at API Wizard.  "She knows the Oracle EBS market and has worked with hundreds of Oracle customers over her career."

"I am excited to be part of API Wizard and spread awareness, letting Oracle users and I.T. teams know they no longer need to patch together multiple solutions to handle all of their data processing needs," says Sarah.  "API Wizard is the only user-friendly, Excel-based enterprise tool on the market that handles all Oracle data entry, data updating, reporting and development needs."

As Vice President of Business Development, Sarah will be responsible for developing and executing API Wizard’s market development, sales, and strategic business planning.  Sarah will work with the entire API Wizard team to identify market opportunities, fulfill prospect and customer needs, and ensure the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.  Sarah will develop a personal working relationship with API Wizard’s current and future customers and will be instrumental in ensuring that all customers maximize their strategic investment in API Wizard.

Sarah has been part of the Oracle EBS industry for two decades, previously working for More4Apps, where she served as Director of Sales, and before that at Noetix, where she served as a Territory Manager.  In both of these roles, Sarah was exposed to many of the pain points from which Oracle EBS customers struggle.  Sarah says, "Having worked with both IT folks and business users has given me a broader understanding of what each of them go through on a day to day basis, and my goal is to help them bridge the gap and bring both groups together with solutions that satisfy the requirements of both IT and the business users, while making both groups happy and more efficient, and saving their company a lot of time and money! "

Sarah understands the gaps in Oracle EBS functionality, and has identified solutions to fill these gaps to make businesses run better. Sarah was one of the first people at Noetix and played a significant role in growing their business from startup mode to becoming the industry standard for metadata solutions for Oracle Applications. While working for Noetix, Sarah visited hundreds of customer sites to demonstrate how NoetixViews worked. At that time, you needed a front end BI tool to use NoetixViews so Sarah became very familiar with using products like Discoverer, Cognos, Business Objects, Crystal Reports and more. The one common question asked nearly every time at customer sites came from the business users, “Can I use this with Excel?”.  It became clear that most business users prefer using Excel to do their data extractions, reporting, analysis and updating. Sarah says “While IT departments sometimes get frustrated that users want to use Excel for everything, one thing that has not changed is that users still choose Excel as their preferred method, so rather than fight it, let’s embrace the functionality Excel has to offer while offering a secure format that enforces Oracle security rules so IT is more comfortable with what is being done in EBS, while still keeping users happy and more efficient.”  Sarah is excited to join the only company in the market that fulfills that vision.

Sarah says there is no particular customer type that has this need, as every customer has different requirements, but that there does seem to be a universal need to solve the data processing challenges in Oracle and the opportunity to do this in one tool, rather than a hodge podge of mixed solutions, better serves the customer overall and is more cost effective.  It is much easier for customers to maintain a support and maintenance relationship with one supplier rather than rely on multiple software vendors, consultants, and Oracle support. API Wizard provides that “one stop shop” for data processing in Oracle EBS.

Sarah has worked with companies in many different industries such as GE, Walgreens, Eaton, Mastercard, Nordstrom, Panasonic,Jack In the Box, Wyndham, Starbucks, Amazon, and hundreds more.  She has found many different requirements out there in terms of customers struggling with data processing issues in Oracle.  For example, many retail organizations may have a high invoice volume they need to upload and they find manual data entry too time consuming and error prone, many construction companies have ongoing Projects they need to keep updated but struggle with field workers updating the data without Oracle access, manufacturing customers often struggle with keeping their inventory stocks accurate and updated, new Oracle customers needing to convert legacy data into Oracle EBS, companies acquiring other companies and needing to transfer or retire assets or add the new employees, or any company who needs to make mass updates to their existing suppliers or customers.

There are so many areas where customers need to get data in—and out—of Oracle EBS and there is only one solution out there that gives them access to update and report on all of the EBS modules in one tool, API Wizard.

About API Wizard
API Wizard, headquartered in Stamford, CT, provides the only enterprise productivity solution for Oracle EBS which allows Microsoft Excel to serve as the user interface for Oracle EBS data entry, maintenance, reporting, and development.  API Wizard helps organizations reduce their Oracle data processing costs, saving thousands of hours each year for both business users and IT.