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Oracle EBS Reporting in Excel
Full, instant access to any Oracle data in Excel, greatly improving and simplifying reporting

Users want their Oracle data in Excel

There is no better or easier application than Microsoft Excel for working with Oracle EBS data.  No matter what reporting tool you currently use, standard reports, Discoverer, BI, or others - users want to get their data into Excel for review and analysis.

API Wizard provides the most comprehensive, most powerful, and most intuitive integration with Excel.  You can run any type of Oracle report from within Excel with powerful features such as double-click drilldown between summary and detail data, automatic integration with pivot tables, charts, and graphs, and most importantly, an incredibly easy user interface for defining, modifying, and configuring reports.  
In Excel, your Oracle data becomes more meaningful and valuable.  Take your Oracle data and analyze it, sort it, filter it, group it, build pivot tables with it, graph it, etc.

Easy to use AND lots of advanced options

API Wizard reporting in Excel is easy to use and very intuitive, allowing anyone in the organization to run reports.  It also has lots of advanced options for power users, including the ability to integrate function-based reports into complex analytical worksheets.  Whatever you want to do with your Oracle data, API Wizard reporting can handle it. 

Overcomes the 'stale' data in Excel concern of yesterday

In the past, users would 'export' data to Excel and use it build their analyses.  The problem was that this data would become stale and it was difficult to re-integrated newer data into an existing worksheets.  

With API Wizard, you aren't 'dumping' data into Excel, it is a true,
live, reporting environment using Excel as the user interface.  You can easily refresh your data in one or multiple reports at any time with a single click of a toolbar button.  API Wizard reports can be embedded into analyses as Excel formulas, providing an incredible amount of versatility and flexibility.

Works in every module of Oracle

API Wizard reporting works in every Oracle module across your entire Oracle EBS footprint -- financials, manufacturing, inventory management, procure to pay, order management, human resources, and everything else!

Build new reports in minutes

It's not just easy for users to run reports and integrate Oracle data into their Excel analysis - but it's also incredibly easy to build new reports.  There is no tool in the Oracle market that's easier for report building than API Wizard!

Replace Oracle Discoverer

If you're still on Oracle Discoverer, API Wizard is a logical choice to migrate to as it offers more comprehensive functionality and better performance.  Our Disco migration capabilities will have you up and running with your Discoverer reports in API Wizard in no time!

Integrates with our Data Entry/Updating functionality

API Wizard is the hands-down leader in Oracle EBS data entry and data updating, turning Excel into the easiest and most efficient user interface for any type of Oracle processing.  Our reporting tool can be used within the data entry / updating module to load data into your worksheet so that you can modify it and then reload it to Oracle.